“Mind Like a Steel Trap”

A Netflix documentary about the Yorkshire Ripper is cause to reconsider the gendered assumptions in a decades-long marriage.

Humor, forthcoming in The Furious Gazelle


A safari in South Africa teaches a hard lesson in privilege and family preservation.

Memoir, 2,800 words, seeking publication

“The Sugar Hop”

A family trip to Venice washes out one mother’s plan to overthrow her husband’s unchallenged reign as most favored parent.

First Published in Lowestoft Chronicle, v.41

E.O. Connors

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E.O. Connors earned a Master's degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from Harvard University. She writes humor, memoir and short fiction. Find out more about her at her website

21 hours ago

E. O. Connors
Where is that human? She knows that I go out for 90 seconds and come in for 90 seconds, out for for 90, in for 90. I’ve been training her for years! We’re behind schedule!! -my cat Twinkle See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

E. O. Connors
Is it paranoia or are we being watched? Read about a family trip to China in Issue No. 4, out now! See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

E. O. Connors
So happy to see that my #substacknewsletter Issue 3 cover was selected as a top post! See MoreSee Less
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